Frequently Asked Questions

Ratify is wholly owned by background checking company Makesure Pty.

The Makesure Group offers Checking, Compliance and Identity services through four businesses.

Makesure - Background checking

Widest range of background checks all in one place, online, low touch, automated, with full support for clients and applicants.

Ratify - Compliance services

Fully flexible SaaS compliance management software and app that stores, monitors, tracks, request shares, approve and audits almost anything.

RatifyID - Identity services

Seamless trusted and TDIF-accredited digital ID app for businesses to authenticate & onboard users in seconds.

(Removing the need for passwords and verification questions)

IDSure - Identity services

Document Verification Gateway connected to Department of Home Affairs. Using AI based OCR1 to read and verify and complete fast verification's.

In accordance with the Australian Privacy Act 1988, we collect the following personal information:

  • name and contact details;
  • details relating to current and past work history;
  • academic details;
  • credit card or other payment details;
  • passport number and other identification documentation;
  • information from enquiries you have made;
  • communications between us

Please refer to our privacy policy here.

We prioritise your privacy and data security. Your information is stored securely in Australia, utilising strong encryption within our protected environment.

Your information is safe.

Please refer to our privacy policy here.

Ratify gives you control over your personal data by allowing you to:

  • request access to and correction of your personal data at any time by written notice; please refer to our privacy policy here;
  • access and correct your personal information in your Ratify account;
  • delete any or all of your uploaded documents;
  • requesting your account to be deleted;

You may request for your account to be deleted through the following options:

  • through the web platform:
  • Login to the Ratify web portal at, then open My account from your user menu, choose Security and Login, then click on Delete my account and follow the instructions;
  • through the Ratify mobile app:
  • Open the Ratify app and login, then tap on the Account tab, scroll to the bottom of the screen, then tap on the DELETE ACCOUNT button, and follow the instructions.

Your request will be fulfilled within 48 hours from the date you requested it.