The Ratify App will give you all the power and control of the Ratify platform right at your fingertips.

Quickly and securely upload and share completed workplace documents, with Apple Wallet integration features.

Receive alerts and requests for compliance requirements through real-time notifications, with a seamless user experience when completing forms and tasks.

Available now:

Your Wallet

Use your Wallet to easily store and manage your workplace compliance documents. View and action document requests from employers via the Request tab.

Get Alerts

Alerts notify you when a document is about to expire and needs updating, when you need to fulfil a document request, or complete a compliance assignment.

Be Compliant

Recieve compliance and induction assignments from your employer directly to the Components module. Easily action each task so you’re always job ready.

Control Sharing

Connections are people you are sharing your documents with. If you want to stop document sharing with a connection you can Cancel sharing at any time.

Account Settings

Quickly update your account information and settings at any time via the Account area.

Contact US

Ratify is wholly owned by background checking company Makesure.

Based in Melbourne Australia the Ratify team is best contacted through the Contact Us or Request a Demonstration buttons.