Now, more than ever, regular workplace health declarations are critical. Not just in meeting compliance factors, but in maintaining the spread of COVID-19.

While Australia’s rapid response to the growing pandemic in early 2020 saw us successfully flatten the curve early, the threat of a second wave is ever-looming. In fact, it’s one that is slowly creeping towards reality in the state of Victoria where restrictions are being further tightened in response to escalating community transmissions.

It is therefore our responsibility as business owners and managers to maintain a healthy and safe work environment for our employees, and consequently their families, to help minimise the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, regular health declarations can quickly create mountains of unwanted admin work that can inhibit our ability to complete more meaningful—and even profitable—work. Because frankly, it’s hard enough managing a business throughout the pandemic, let alone keeping abreast of who is and isn’t cleared to work on-site each week.

Fortunately, we were able to identify this pain point early in order to develop the perfect solution to this new paperwork-laden occupational health and safety mandate.

The solution is Ratify—a simple management system that streamlines all of your workers’ documents into the one easy-to-use platform. And this isn’t limited to merely managing health declarations either, but also includes points of identification, licenses, inductions and training forms.

Training Forms

Site Induction

Health Declaration



The beauty of Ratify is that it keeps your team 100% compliant and safe with little effort on your part. Members of your team, whether they’re contractors or employees, simply log in and submit their health declaration, giving you a full view of who is and isn’t cleared to work in a matter of clicks, and giving you more time to run your business.

To ensure this compliance is maintained at all times, Ratify has an automatic recurring renewal feature that prompts employees to complete declarations when necessary. Gaps in declarations are brought to your attention using intuitive alerts that flag incomplete or compromising details.

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Plus, there’s also no limit to the number of people you can send declaration requests to, ensuring anyone who comes into contact with your business will not pose a risk to team safety or business operations.

When it comes to safety, uncompromising compliance and clarity is priceless. Our teams are the cogs that keep our businesses operating and it’s imperative that we keep them, and our wider community, safe from COVID-19.

To help minimise the transmission of the virus and assist your business in avoiding the costly and convoluted paperwork demanded by regular health declarations, we’re offering all businesses that sign up to Ratify this month a complimentary three-month demo.

For peace of mind, click here to try Ratify.